Straight Valves Explained

Straight Valves

straight valve

A straight valve is the same as the valves found on cars and most bicycles. It can be inflated the same as a normal bicycle valve. It is also known as a Schrader valve

The Schrader valve is the most universally used and known valve variety. They’ve been used on most motor vehicles and bicycles since their invention in 1891, courtesy of August Schrader. 

A Schrader valve has a wide valve stem, into which a small valve core is inserted. 

Schrader valve cores use a small spring that keeps the valve in the closed position.

When the valve’s spring is depressed, the valve opens, and air can pass through the Schrader valve.

Schrader valves are also referred to as American valves, as they were patented in the United States in 1893, just two years after their invention.

Inner tubes fitted with the above valves can be inflated with a standard hand pump, a selection of which can be found either below this listing or in the "Maintenance" section which can be accessed from the main menu.