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The inner tube you need is determined by the size of your tyre, so the first thing you need to do is find your tyre size. Just about every tyre will have size markings written on the side wall.
Tyre Size
Example: 12½ x 1.75 x 2¼ (47-203)
The first part of the size 12½ x 1.75 x 2¼ is the important part as this is the UK way of measuring tyres. The size in brackets is what is known as the ERTRO measurement which is the European method of measuring tyres. Some tyres don't use European sizing, for example 280 x 65-203, 270 x 47-203, 255 x 50....Most of these are also listed below.
Please be aware that there are many more tyre sizes than there are inner tube sizes. The reason for this is that an inner tube will stretch to fit the tyre, so although there are lots of different 12" tyres there are only two 12" inner tubes. We have tried to simplify the process by calling some inner tubes "Wide" and some "Narrow". The reason for this is that all manufacturers label their inner tubes differently even though they are the same size.
Once you have determined your tyre size find it in the dropdown list below. Clicking the link will take you to the choice of suitable replacement inner tubes for your tyre.
If your tyre size is not listed please send us Contact Message

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Selecting your tyre size from the list below will take you to a selection of suitable replacement inner tubes